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The Rise and Fall (for Now) of David Laws

Optimized David Laws MP 2008 150x150 The Rise and Fall (for Now) of David Laws

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The loss of David Laws to the British coalition government is a crying shame.  At a time of great economic uncertainty and impending cuts in public services and pay, he radiated competence.  He gave us confidence that the right man was at the helm.

He had no choice but to resign. That his abuse of parliamentary expenses was caused by his desire to maintain privacy around his sexuality, rather than to gain financially, offers no excuse.  It just makes it sadder. And so frustrating to those who supported him. He is a wealthy man, so why did he not just stop claiming any rent allowance?

He possesses so many of the Key Kapabilities (see Backing U!) needed to become a top politician – see my post last year on Sarah Palin.  His mastery of not just the Treasury brief, but that on Education before that, was evident to all.  His communication skills are so adept that my 13 year old son, along with 70% of a youthful audience, had no hesitation in voting for him in a debate on education at a youth centre in South-East London in March this year.

There are some impressive ministers in this coalition government, but none more impressive than Laws.  He will be back.

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