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Testimonials on Speaking

“Vaughan Evans is a hugely entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. He offers a rare combination of terrific humour and practical insight – not to mention the fact that he is a splendid fellow to boot!” – Simon Bucknell, speaker on communication and leadership, Britain and Ireland Champion of Public Speaking in 2006 & 2007 (

“Quite simply, Vaughan Evans has the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in over fifteen years of international speaking.  He has power, resonance, and grace but it’s the melody that defines his voice and redefines envy for every other speaker.  I have learned so much from watching and listening to Vaughan’s speeches over the years about pacing, presence, humour and content.  He speaks from the heart with humility, possessing an innate and early understanding of his audience that makes him a great communicator.  Vaughan Evans is pure speaking gold.” – Bill Russell, speaker/coach/consultant/trainer and former Managing Director and Head of European Futures at Citigroup (

“Vaughan Evans is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and effective speakers on today’s international speaking circuit.  Blessed with a strong, outgoing and upbeat personality, he puts his whole being into a speech, using an astonishing array of body language and facial expressions that make him a truly unique performer.  All this, together with a voice and vocal technique that uplifts, inspires and motivates, in the tradition of great Welsh orators such as David Lloyd George and Aneurin Bevan, makes Vaughan Evans one of today’s outstanding international communicators. And his message of backing the passion that lies within you is one that anyone seeking career success needs to hear.” – Adrian Barrett, speaker/trainer/mentor/coach (

“Vaughan Evans is a truly inspirational speaker. His speech delivery and presence are second to none” – Loxley McKenzie, Managing Director, Colordarcy Investment Properties (

“Vaughan Evans is not just an intelligent, numerate and literate man, but possessed of excellent public speaking skills, laced with humour, humility and warmth and powered by strong, mellifluous and vibrant vocal chords.” – George Jerjian, entrepreneur and author, Ecosystem: Living the 12 Principles of Networked Business (

“Like bolt of velvet gloved lightning, sharp and bold, yet eloquent and sophisticated, Vaughan Evans is guaranteed to entertain any audience. I’ve had the good fortune to hear him speak on a number of occassions and he has an enviable ability to keep a room tingling with intrepidation. Whether on the merits of the latest innovations in business, or the abstract peculiarities of modern life, this is a man who makes an impact. Make no mistake, hear him once, and you’ll never forget him!” – Paul Brannigan, Managing Director, Proactive (

“Vaughan Evans is a great guy… an inspirational character and brilliant orator!” – Cole McInnes

“I have heard Vaughan Evans speak many times and he never fails to impress. He has that magic combination of wit, humour and insightfulness. Combine that with an innate intelligence and a speaking voice to make even Richard Burton jealous, and you have someone who is always a delight to listen to and learn from. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Nigel Cutts, workplace designer, life coach and author, Love at Work (

“Vaughan Evans is an upbeat speaker with an amazing, unforgettable presence.” – Kim Crosby, Managing Director, Customer Clix (

“Hearing Vaughan Evans speak is like listening to a friendly guru, who knows all about his subject and inspires and encourages the audience to find out more. Definitely worth a journey to go and listen to him.” – Celia Jones, Managing Director, Cameo Marketing (

“I have been blessed to have heard the rich voice of Vaughan Evans many times and can quite honestly say that his vocal skills have to be experienced to be believed! Notwithstanding his Welsh blood, the spoken word as well as his singing is strong enough to fill a stadium…..even when his voice drops to a whisper! Here is a speaker of many talents to fit any bill!” – Gilly Cons, life coach (

“There is a droleness of tone, a lightness of touch, but nevertheless a rare, raw power to the speaking ability of Vaughan Evans. He commands the room with a natural authority and aplomb and transfixes his audience with a wit that is both easygoing and generous.” – Jeremy Mitchell, property entrepreneur

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