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Screening: How Well Placed Are You?

Backing U small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 Screening: How Well Placed Are You?The second part of the job screening process is to assess how well placed you would be to get in and then succeed at this job or business.  Again gut feel is all that’s needed for now…

For each job or business, think initially of just these two criteria:

  • Your relevant capabilities—How you would rate against the capabilities required for the job or business?
  • Your experience—How you would rate against the experience needed to do the job or run the business?

 The first criterion relates to how well you think you would do the job, or run the business, if you got into it. How relevant are your skills, your innate talents, to the skills needed to perform the job successfully? How suitable are your qualifications?

 The second criterion is important in those jobs or businesses where experience is a serious barrier to entry. There may be a whole range of jobs you know you could do well, but your lack of relevant experience would make you hard to back. Not necessarily because you couldn’t do the job. More because prospective employers, or indeed your customers, would be looking for someone more experienced than you to be offering and delivering such a service.

 Some words of warning on the experience rating:

  • When screening a long list, you may think you have no experience at all of doing a particular job. Don’t be dismayed. Think about what elements of your experience to date may at least be indirectly or tangentially relevant to that job.
  • Remember that you’re looking primarily for relative comparisons, not absolute levels. You’re looking for jobs where some aspects of your past experience may be more relevant than for others.
  • If you’re young, say under 30 (lucky you!), the experience criterion may be less relevant than for those of us who are not so young, especially for the over-fifties. Youngsters applying for jobs are typically assessed less rigorously on experience than on capability. And on potential capability.

Again, one or two jobs on your long list will now be screened out. If you really have few of the required capabilities and little experience for the job you covet, it’s better to axe it now rather than later. But in others your rough placing may emerge reasonably okay as it passes through the screen.

In the next post on career tools, we’ll take a first cut at how backable you are in each of those long-listed jobs…

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