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Screening: How Attractive Are the Job Markets?

Backing U small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 Screening: How Attractive Are the Job Markets?To recap: we are in the process of screening a long list of jobs for backability. The first part of the process is assessing how attractive the markets for these jobs are. 

Gut feel is all that’s needed at this stage. You need to rank your long list by what you feel. You already have a vague notion of market demand and competition for these jobs, because you know something about them. These are jobs to which you aspire, where you believe the hwyl lies. Let your gut provide a preliminary view. 

You need to rank each of the long-listed jobs or businesses by four criteria:

  • Number of people engaged in this job or business—Are there many people working in this field, compared to the numbers engaged in other fields?
  • Growth in jobs or businesses—Is this a field where there will be growing demand for people over the next few years? Or is demand more likely to stay flat, or decline?
  • Competition for jobs or among businesses—How ferocious is the competition to get these jobs? To what extent does the supply of people wanting to do these jobs exceed vacancies available? If this is a business, how intense is the competition between businesses? Is it intensifying?
  • Job market risk—How risky is this job or business, compared to others?

 Take care to get the rankings of job market attractiveness the right way round (!):

  • The more jobs available, the more attractive the market.
  • The faster the growth, the more attractive the market.
  • The more competitive, the less attractive the market.
  • The more risky, the less attractive the market.

 How attractive are your long-listed jobs overall? One or two on your long list may already be screened out. If market conditions are unfavorable, you’re unlikely to be backable. You’ll be pushing uphill. But others on the list should come through okay.

In the next post on career tools, we’ll take a look at the second part of the process: how well placed you would be to get in and then succeed at this job or business.  Again gut feel is all that’s needed for now…

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