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Screen Your Jobs for Backability

Backing U small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 Screen Your Jobs for BackabilityIn the last post, you derived a long list of a dozen or so jobs or businesses you would love to do. These were careers you felt passionate about.  Some of these them you may stand little chance of getting into, let alone succeeding in them. A shame, but that’s life. Others you may do well in.

Now you need to derive a short list of two or three jobs. These will not only be jobs with passion but also jobs in which you could succeed. 

You need to take a first cut at assessing how attractive the markets are for each of these jobs and how well placed you would be to get in and succeed in them. You’ll effectively be doing a quick and dirty assessment of how backable you’d be in each job.

The screening process has to be as objective as you can make it. The aim is not to provide you with a clearer ranking of which job you’d most like to do. It’s to find out in which job you could be backable. Out of all those jobs in your long list, where would a backer consider you worth a punt? 

This aim has implications for the criteria we’ll use in ranking the jobs. Typically, when people are thinking of a career change, they’ll list criteria such as pay, working conditions, values, culture, location, type of colleague, status, and so forth. They’ll use these criteria to rank possible careers by relative attractiveness. 

This is all highly valid. But it’s not for here. It’s for later on, after we’ve screened the long list for backability. 

There is little point in spending loads of time doing further research on a career where it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be backable. To a real-life investor.

There are two parts to the screening process: how attractive are the markets for these jobs, and how well placed you would be to get in and succeed in them.

We’ll take a look at the first of these in the next post…

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