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Set Out Your List of Jobs with Passion

small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 Set Out Your List of Jobs with PassionIn my last post on career tools (three months ago, I’m afraid–sorry about that, but things have been busy), you drew up a list of of jobs or businesses which inspire you to a greater or lesser extent.

That list should hopefully have reached two, three or more dozen. Now it needs to be set out in a more manageable way.

Rearrange the full list (easier if you’ve typed it out on your word processor) by grouping the jobs by the number of ticks received. At the very top, group together all those jobs that gained five or more ticks. Then those with four, three, and so on. Last, and least, should be those with crosses.

Now you weed out those with the fewest ticks. Obviously, you’ll start with all the crosses. Then you’ll move up to the single ticks. Carry on this process until you have only a dozen or so jobs left. Hopefully these final dozen will each have received at least three ticks. 

No more than a dozen jobs are needed at this stage. You can always return to the list if you have to. A dozen is a reasonably sized list to be taking into the next chapter on screening. This is your long list of jobs with passion. 

To reiterate: At this stage, it doesn’t matter whether you could do these jobs well, or if you even qualify to do them. The important thing is to derive a manageable long list of jobs that inspire you, ranked purely by the extent to which they will fill you with passion.

They could well be an odd assortment of jobs or businesses. You may have given five ticks to becoming a pro tennis player, a lawyer, a hotelier, a health guru, a landscape gardener, whatever. The more diverse the range of five-ticked jobs, the broader your range of interests and passions, which is no bad thing.

It doesn’t matter whether there is no chance whatsoever of you becoming, say, a lawyer. What matters is that you believe you’d love to do that job, that being a lawyer would consume your days with passion. As would others with five ticks, each of which are in good company.

The trick now is to screen this long list of jobs into a short list of two or three where market conditions will be favorable and you will be well placed to land the jobs–and succeed once in.

In short, you need to convert the long list into a short list of jobs where you’ll be backable.

We’ll start that process in the next post on career tools…

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