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Putting Passion into Your Career Change!

small 9780956139108 frontcover1.jpg1 1 150x150 Putting Passion into Your Career Change!Are you fed up at work?

If so, you’re not alone. You could be one of the 50% of US employees who are “dissatisfied” with their job, up from 40% a decade ago. Or one of the 50% of UK employees who feel they are “stuck in the wrong job”. Or one of a similarly high proportion somewhere else on the globe.

If you’re not fed up, or if you are fed up but determined to stay and perform better in your current job, good on you. This blog isn’t for you, but you might want to take a look at Becoming More Backable, which forms Part II of the Backing U! books*.

But if you’re thinking of career change, read on. That’s the focus of this blog. Let it be your guide. Use it to look for a job or business where your passion lies… and where you’ll have a good chance of succeeding!

Look for a job where you’ll be backable. Where you’ll be backing the passion!

There’s no point in shifting to a job you know you’ll be good at, but you only feel so-so about it. You’ll soon become dissatisfied in your new job, like you are where you are now.

Likewise, there’s no point in shifting to a job you’re passionate about but no good at! You may be hopelessly under-qualified or inexperienced for that job. You won’t get far.

Your new job or business should fulfil both conditions. It’ll fill with you with passion. And it’s one where you can do at least reasonably well.

That’s what this blog is about. Over the weeks and months it’s going to help you find a job you love and which you can do successfully.

The blog will borrow freely from Backing U!, especially Part III on Backing the Hwyl – the Celtic concept of passion, fervor, spirit. But you won’t need to buy the book to follow the blog. It will be self-contained. A coherent story will appear in these posts, with handy references from one post to another. Nothing relevant will be held back. Its over-riding aim will be to help you, not me.

We’ll meet a number of exemplars in the blog. They won’t be the same folk as in Backing U!. They’ll be new – some imaginary, some real, some celebs. Some, I hope, will be you, as the site becomes interactive and readers begin to offer their own experiences.

Along the way, we may look at other blogs, newspaper or magazine articles, books, audio or video clips.

And, now and again, we’ll have some light relief…

Here we go!

* Backing U! A Business-Oriented Guide to Backing Your Passion and Achieving Career Success, or Backing U! LITE: A Quick-Read Guide to Backing Your Passion and Achieving Career Success

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