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How to Know Where the Passion Lies?

small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 How to Know Where the Passion Lies?You’ll know when you’ve found a job with passion. Just thinking about it is exciting. It’ll make your thoughts race. It’ll wake you at five o’clock in the morning, and you won’t want to go back to sleep.

It’ll fill you with drive. To do something about it. To pick up the phone, knock on a door.

Above all, you’ll know you’ve found the passion when you speak about the job! When people talk about something they’re passionate about, the voice changes. The pace quickens. The pitch rises. The volume gets turned up a notch or two.

As an extreme example, take a teenage girl in two situations. Imagine her mother or father asking her how school went that day. The answer comes back monosyllabically, monotonously, ponderously. Then the telephone goes and her best buddy’s on the line. The voice undergoes a metamorphosis. Suddenly it’s animated, rapid, rich in variety of tone, pitch, and volume. Punctuated throughout with laughter. Whatever the two teenagers are talking about, it’s surely something that fires them. And it’s reflected in the voice.

It’s the same in public speaking. I’ve belonged to a public speaking and communications club, part of Toastmasters International, for many years. At every meeting four or five people stand up and deliver a prepared speech for five to seven minutes on a topic of their choosing. All speakers are advised to choose a topic that they are interested in, preferably one they are passionate about. As a result, and this is extraordinary given the range of backgrounds and talents of all these amateur speakers, it’s very seldom that we hear a dud speech. Whatever the topic, the speaker’s enthusiasm for the topic will be conveyed to the audience through above all her voice. No matter how inexperienced the speaker, no matter whether she has learned any of the tricks of vocal variety, the speech will be a winner if the topic brings out the passion in her.

If you want to know whether the passion lies for you in a particular job, try talking about it to a friend. Talk about its daily routines, the kind of people who work there, their ambitions, their achievements. Talk about the pros and cons. Talk about it in relation to other jobs where the hwyl may also lie. Talk about it in relation to ordinary jobs. Talk about it in relation to your current job. Ask your friend to observe how you talk about these jobs. When you speak of this particular job, does your voice become faster, more animated, more impassioned?

Or join Toastmasters! Speak about the job to a small audience. Ask your evaluator beforehand if he’ll note any difference in your vocal variety on this speech, compared with previous speeches. Will the speech convince him too that the job is fascinating?

The passion will be reflected in the voice. If you speak about a job where the passion lies, your voice will confirm it.

But how to find such a job…?

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