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How to Find a Job with Passion: Part II

small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 How to Find a Job with Passion: Part IIOkay, you already have before you a list of 20, 30, 40 or so jobs that may inspire you to varying degrees. Time to extend the list…

So far you have only looked at your family, friends, and colleagues – and at their friends, family, and colleagues. How about your fellow interest sharers? Do you belong to any clubs, societies, voluntary groups, political groups? Are you a golfer? A member of Toastmasters? A chorister? Do you help out at your kid’s school? At the club? At church?

Whichever group you are involved with, think on this: what else do you have in common with your fellow group members, other than the one common interest through which you know each other? Might you have work interests in common? What is their line of business? Are any of them in a job that would inspire you?

What about their family, friends, and colleagues?

Take out your sheet of paper and add to it some jobs of your fellow interest-sharers and their contacts.

So far you’ve looked to people you know for inspiration. Now take a look at people you don’t know but you know of. Think of people you’ve read about in books who have inspired you. Poeple you’ve looked at or read about in newspapers, in the supplements, in magazines. What about people you’ve seen on TV? In documentaries, in reality shows, in sports, on the news. People who’ve inspired you in some way.

Think too of fictitious people. People in novels, in movies, in the theater, in dramas, or soaps on TV. People whose imaginary lives have come alive for you through fiction or drama. Try broadening your reading to gain further inspiration.

How’s your list coming along? If it hasn’t reached 30 or 40 by now, you may need to try some further sources – please take a look at my book, Backing U!, for more detailed info.

Next we need to review your list – this is the fun part, and it’s for the next post…!

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