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How to Find a Job with Passion: Part I

small 9780956139108 frontcover.jpg1  150x150 How to Find a Job with Passion: Part IThe difficulty with finding a job with passion, I can hear some argue, is in getting started. Suppose you have never heard of or come across the ideal job for you!

They have a point! This will be so in some cases. In which case, please, please revert to the standard approach used in most career guides. You could try Richard Bolles’ perennial best-selling What Color is Your Parachute and fill in his flower diagram. Geography: North America. Interests: beekeeping and honey. People environment: people who help others. Values: mutual support. Working conditions: outdoors. Salary: at least average earnings. Transferable skills: accounting and (favorite) beekeeping.

Then, after a prolonged and painstaking job search, Eureka!, you find it: a vacancy for a new commune member of the Honey Cooperative in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan—a job of your dreams and one you previously didn’t know existed!

These cases I suspect may be uncommon. In the majority of cases, the approach recommended here works too because you already know of, or you can get to know of, the kind of work you would like to do. That’s not to decry the standard, bottom-up approach, of course. It’s proven. It works.

How to find the ideal job for you? How to discover where the passion lies? If you don’t already know, and many of you do, here are some tips.

Think of jobs you admire of those you know. Think of your family. Your friends. Your old school friends. Your colleagues. Your former colleagues. Your kids’ friends’ parents.

Are any of them in a job or running a business that would inspire you? Have they been in the past? Are they thinking of switching to one?

Take one further degree of separation: What about the family, friends, and colleagues of your family, friends, and colleagues? Do they have jobs that would inspire you?

Take a piece of paper and make three columns. In the left-hand column, write down all the names you’ve just thought of. In the middle column, write down the kind of work these people do, or did. Then in the right-hand column, indicate to what extent the work would inspire you. Try ticks. Or a cross for a job that does nothing for you. One tick for an okay job. Two ticks for a good job. Three ticks for a great job.

Then give four, five, or however many ticks you can fit across the column for the jobs that would truly inspire you—the jobs where the real passion lies.

That’s a start. You already have a list of 20, 30, 40 jobs, each of which you have rated according to the degree of passion you would feel if you were to do that work.

We’ll now build up that list by drawing from other sources – but that’s for the next post…!

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