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Backing You, MBA! Is Launched!

Optimized BUMBA Front Cover.10Mar11.FINAL 1 150x150 Backing You, MBA! Is Launched!ARE YOU PLANNING TO GET AN MBA? If so, what will you do with it? Will you stay with your current or pre-MBA job or business? Or are you planning to shift career?

Think of yourself as a business. Use the tools of strategic due diligence to assess if you would back you in your current job. If so, use business strategy tools to make yourself more backable.

Or use tools of strategic mergers and acquisitions to shift to your ideal job or business – one which you are passionate about and where you’ll be backable.

Backing You, MBA! How Thinking of Yourself as a Business Can Advance or Transform Your Career innovatively uses the very tools learnt at business school on yourself.  It will guide you in achieving career success post-MBA.

The book uses case studies directly relevant to MBAs – for example, Jennifer, the former financial due diligence specialist thinking of switching to strategy consulting or private equity, and Gary, the manager seeking to return to his former company armed with a career enhancing MBA and a strategy for acquiring and applying new skills.

It is out NOW! You’ll find it at leading bookstores and online here! If you’re a business student looking to advance or transform your career, this is the book for you!

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