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Pride Before Fall?

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Gordon Brown’s indiscrete rubbishing of a pensioner on Wednesday will be the final nail in his coffin. A shabby end to a once glorious career. The lady was no more a “bigot” than you or me – just an old lady finding it difficult to come to terms with the changes around her and asking honest questions of her party  leader.

Back in the early 1990s, when I stood for parliament, Brown was a formidable opposition politician, indeed the most formidable opponent. He was devastating in framing answers in one or two minute or even 10 second soundbites. He went on to become a sound chancellor of the exchequer, achieving the previously unattainable feat of a Labour chancellor being trusted by the financial markets – at least for the first half dozen or so years.

It is said that all political careers end in failure. Maggie was undone by the poll tax, Major by sleaze and tedium, Blair – and Bush – by Iraq. Brown will be undone by vanity. He was never cut out to be a PM, as  most in his party have long known. But he pursued his ambition ruthlessly and heedlessly.

His appearance in the final PM debate last night was excruciating. In control as much of fact as spin, yet so divorced from reality that he could mount no simple, clear, convincing case for his record. Instead his rhetoric was largely negative. One can only imagine how his Labour collegaues must have wished they had had the courage to replace him with Alan Johnson or David Milliband a year ago – just imagine how well either of them would have performed against Cameron and Clegg.

A good man, undone by pride. Any lesson for us there?

Would you back U in your current job or business? Are you hanging on, without passion, motivation and conviction, simply because of pride?

If so, bail out now, before it is too late.  Before you come to be seen as a failure, like Brown.  Before you are ousted in favour of others who have more oomph than you.

Find another job or business where your passion lies and where you’ll be backable.  Back your hwyl!

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