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How to Be a Princess?

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A year ago I shared some musings on what it takes to excel at the world’s oldest profession.  Recent events have got me thinking about what it takes to excel at the world’s most glamorous profession: princess.

Earlier this month Kate rubbed shoulders with some genuine Hollywood royalty, including Barbra, Nicole and JLo (and her mum!).

And from all accounts she held her own – in looks, dress, bearing and chit chat.  Earlier on she seems to have gone down well too in Canada, at all sorts of events.

How did she get the job?  How come she does it so well?  What does it take to succeed as a princess? 

It’s worth thinking about.  Sure, the romantics will say that she fell in love with her Prince Charming at  university.  She is who she is and that’s all there is to it.

The sceptics have a different take.  They see her mother as the archetypal social climbing schemer, from council estate to stewardess to pilot hubby to new business venture to money to posh school/posh uni/posh mates for the kids, ultimately landing the ultimate family jackpot, a prince in the family and their own coat of arms.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – no grand scheme from the outset, but some careful career planning and training once the prince had been ensnared.

Does Kate have what it takes to be a princess? Does she have what Di had? Or Grace?  Does she need what they had? 

Does she need the glamour?  Should she compete with the Hollywood glamour?  For how long can she compete? 

Think beyond the glam princesses to one who is so good at her job that she is revered as deity in her country, crown princess Sirindhorn of Thailand.

And think again: what does it take to be a good princess? In my next post, we’ll look at the key kapabilities needed to do the job…

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