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What Does Gauguin Tell Us?

91px Paul Gauguin   Deux Tahitiennes What Does Gauguin Tell Us?

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This post is probably just an excuse to write about Gauguin, having just visited the amazing exhibition at the Tate museum in London.  But at least the visit has stimulated me into opening the blog – after some months away while writing a new book, Backing You, MBA!

The layout of the exhibition is by subject rather than chronology, making the visit particularly stimulating and illuminating.  Entering the fifth room on Gauguin’s landscape painting, of Brittany, Martinique and Tahiti, takes the breath away.  And the room is doublyexciting, since one can linger there awhile knowing that the best – his Tahitian portraits – are yet to come.  Magic.

So what is there to learn for purposes of a career-oriented blog from a stockbroker who abandoned his family in Paris in the late nineteenth century and set sail for the South Pacific, with the express aim of “learning to live like a savage”?

The answer is everything.  He backed his passion, he gave up all, family and career, for his passion.  His family may have been the loser, and so too eventually Gauguin himself, as he rotted away, impoverished, cantankerous and syphilis-ridden, to an early death. 

But the winner was the world, able still today to marvel at the most mystical, moving, enigmatic, colourful and sensual paintings yet conceived by man.

Will you back your passion in 2011?

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