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Beyond the Palin?

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So Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail, well, a national tour to promote her book, Going Rogue, she says, but we all know better. We missed her. Love her or loathe her, and she does seem to invite extreme reactions in people, she sure livens up the news. Last year’s presidential contest looked like being a procession until she showed up. 

She soon got hammered by the liberal media, brutally. But she still gamely showed up to joust with Tina Fey on the Saturday Night Live show. 

She’s a glutton for punishment. Her book has again set her up as a prime target. Take this blistering prose from the Sunday Times (UK) columnist, Andrew Sullivan: “The lies and truths and half-truths and the facts and non-facts are all blurred together in a pious purée of such ghastly self-serving prose that, in the end, the book can really be read only as some kind of chapter in a cheap 19th-century edition of Lives of the Saints.” 

Does Palin really believe she can make the White House? Cynics might say that she is sure to have a go, if only for the inevitable, eventual riches from Going Rogue, Volume II. 

The sad trait of many in politics is that they listen all too closely to their advisers, their followers, their sycophants, each of whom has a vested interest in their patron fighting on with maximum effort, enthusiasm and expense. 

Do any in Palin’s team actually sit her down and give her a realistic assessment of her prospects for becoming President of the United States of America? More importantly, do they advise her on whether she could make a good president, a good ruler of the free world? 

Palin is backing her passion. She is passionate about power. She craves it. She is not in politics to drive forward change, to make a difference. She is in it for the passion of power. 

So it might do her no harm to follow this blog. She has resigned her Governorship, so is jobless. Sure, she is still a mother of five, the youngest of whom has very special needs. Sure, she is an author who is very actively plugging her book. 

But she’s still a young, healthy, vibrant woman. And very ambitious. She will not settle for being a stay-at-home author mom. 

This blog will show her how to back her passion and succeed at her new job. But is that job the President of the USA? 

We’re going to be skipping ahead of the blog here – inevitable, since at the pace I’ve been writing these posts we won’t cover the main how-tos of the Backing U! books for a couple of years! But bear with me… 

Evidently, doing the job of President gets maximum ticks on the Palin passionometer. So it is certainly worthy of proceeding to the screening process. For those who haven’t read the books, jobs which you feel passionate about need to be screened for two criteria – job market attractiveness and your likely competitive standing. 

How attractive is the market for the job of US president? It is about as unattractive a market as can be imagined:
· There’s only one post available – great job if you can get it, but there’s no getting round the fact that there’s only one position up for grabs. Having said that, there was only one Governor of Alaska post and Palin landed that. Likewise with Mayor of Wasilla, the launchpad for what could still be one of the most extraordinary careers in US political history
· The market isn’t growing – in three years’ time, there will still only be one job available
· It’s highly competitive – the incumbent himself is a formidable adversary, but to even get to face him you’ve got to beat off ruthlessly an array of tough contenders from your own side
· It’s high risk – even if you land the job, the chances of you being booted out after four years are somewhere around 50% 

So it’s not an attractive market. But that doesn’t mean the job should be screened out. There’s the other criterion to be looked at. In order to pass through the screening process, Palin is going to have to rate highly on the potential competitive standing criterion. Based on her capabilities and her experience to date, how well placed is Palin to land the job and do it well? 

Have a think about that – we’ll return to it in a later post…!

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