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Mt Clegg Erupts!

Nick Clegg head and shoulders large portrait1 Mt Clegg Erupts!

Image via Liberal Democrats

This post could prove to be a hostage to fortune.  I write following the astonshing success of Nick Clegg in the first (ever) prime ministerial debate in the British General Election last week.  The second one is tonight.  Whether Clegg is still wearing his halo at 10pm remains to be seen.  My bet is that he will.  And here’s why.  

Firstly, he is a fresh face. A face for change. A face for hope. Like Obama’s. And Clegg’s message is delivered as eloquently as Obama’s. British voters are mightily fed up with 13 years of Labour Government - thanks to the politically correct nanny state created, the evident disdain for democracy in the illegal invasion of Iraq and the open floodgate policy on immigration, the failure to preserve economic stability, the betrayal of Labour’s political base in permitting income disparities to rise grotesquely, and the dumbing down across the educational spectrum. But voters are also unenthusiastic to returning to the Conservative years of industrial decline, City bonuses, boom and bust.  Above all, voters are fed up with politicians in general, due to the duck-house/moat/mortgage-flipping expenses fiasco. Clegg offers a plague on both their houses. A ray of hope.  

To put this in the context of this website, think of the similarities here with earlier posts on Sarah Palin’s prospects for president and Alesha Dixon as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing. In all these cases, the offer of real change has become a “key kapability” – see Backing U! Chapter 5.  

Secondly they like what they see of Clegg’s team.  Vince Cable, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has called virtually everything right during the credit crunch – though he wobbled a bit with a foolish  ”mansion tax”. Menzies Campbell is a voice of reason on foreign affairs and defence, Chris Huhne a forceful and articulate Shadow Home Secretary and David Laws the clear winner of any threeway debate on Education.  

Thirdly, they like what they hear of the Liberal Democrat policies – fair voting, fair taxes, fair balance between economic growth and environmental protection.  

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they like the idea of supporting the underdog.  We saw it with John Sargent on Strictly Come Dancing; with Chico and Jedward on the X-Factor; with Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.  Above all, we saw it in the grassroots rebellion against the control freakery of Simon Cowell in the Facebook campaign to oust the X Factor winner from the Christmas No 1 slot last year.  An obscure Californian rock band called Rage Against the Machine was selected for promotion, largely on the back of its rebellious lyrics in their song Killing in the Name, namely ‘Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’. Against all the odds, the campaign succeeded.  Now there is a Facebook campaign building momentum to hoist Nick Clegg to No 10 – check out:   

We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!


800px Fimmvorduhals 2010 03 27 dawn 300x199 Mt Clegg Erupts!

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That’s why the eruption of Mt Clegg last week, which grounded the flights of fancy of both Labour and Conservative spinners, seems set to rumble on…  

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