Backing U!

Your online guide to backing your passion and achieving career success!

Backing U!

 Are you satisfied in your job or business? 50% of employees aren’t. If you’re one of them, are you at risk of losing out to those who are satisfied?

Think of yourself as a business, “U”. Would you back U in your current job? Or would U be more backable if you were in a job or business you felt passionate about?

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Backing U! helps you answer these questions. Part I offers fresh insights for assessing how sound your prospects are in your current job. What are the chances of your job being hit by market downturn? Are there too many people with your skills? Do you have what it takes to compete? Is your attitude right? In short, Would you Back U?

If the answer is yes, Part II shows how you can improve your chances of doing well in your job, how to Become More Backable.

Or perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. But where? Part III starts by finding those jobs that inspire you most. But how attractive really are these jobs? And how well placed would you be in them? Some of your dream jobs may lose their shine. Others will offer promise. Backing U! shows you how to get into and succeed in those most promising jobs or businesses. How to Back the Hwyl in you, the passion, fervour, spirit that can lift youto extremes of success!

Backing U! uses four carefully chosen exemplars throughout the book to illustrate how to deploy the techniques described. Two are employed by companies in Atlanta and Chicago, two are self-employed and run businesses in Boston and London, England. Two choose to remain and develop their careers in their current jobs. Two choose to quit and pursue their passions.

The book also real life examples to further illustrate the techniques – whether assessing the risk profile of backing the Beatles in 1963 or Oprah in 1983; describing the strategy deployed by Madonna throughout her career; or analysing the hypothetical career change options available to Prince Charles today!

Author Vaughan Evans is well placed to guide you on backing U! For the last thirty five years, he has advised clients on whether they should invest in businesses, large and small. He found that the tools he developed work just as well for the individual. An economist, consultant, corporate financier, small businessman, politician, and speaker, he has reinvented himself on numerous occasions, honing his Backing U! tools in the process. He has worked at investment bankers Bankers Trust and management consultants Arthur D. Little. An economics graduate of Cambridge University and an Alfred P. Sloan fellow of London Business School, he spent the first dozen years of his career living in exotic lands like the West Indies, Borneo, Java, Fiji and Thailand. He hails from West Wales, no less lovely a land, and a cradle of hwyl.

Backing U! runs to 352 pages and is available from most bookstores and online booksellers, priced at just U.S.$24.95. Alternatively, you can order directly and securely via this website by clicking here.

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