Backing U!

Your online guide to backing your passion and achieving career success!

Backing U! LITE

Backing U! LITE addresses all the same issues as its big sister, Backing U! But it does so in a less analytical, more informal format.

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Gone are the innovative analytical tools and charts. Still in is the innovative general approach.

Gone are 352 large pages of detailed guidance. In are 200 paperback-sized pages of succint advice.

Backing U! LITE is designed as a quick read for the busy reader.

It also introduces four new, carefully chosen exemplars to illustrate the guidance. Two are employed by companies in Colorado Springs and New York City, two are self-employed and run businesses in Vancouver and Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford, England. As in Backing U!, two choose to remain and develop their careers in their current jobs. Two choose to quit and pursue their passions.

The book also uses real life examples to further illustrate the techniques – from Dolly Parton to Sharon Stone, J.K.Rowling to Martha Stewart.

Readers of Backing U! have also benefited from reading the additional case studies found in Backing U! LITE.

Backing U! LITE is available from all major bookstores, online and offline, priced at U.S.$14.95. You can also order the book via this website here!

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