Backing U!

Your online guide to backing your passion and achieving career success!


Would you back U in your current job or business? If so, how can you make yourself more backable? If not, how do you shift to a job you feel passionate about and where you would be backable? Backing U! invites you to think of yourself as a business. It uses tools of business analysis to help you advance or transform your career.

Backing U! LITE is a simplified and much slimmed down version of its big sister. It is designed for the busy reader. And for those who prefer words to tools and charts. It is a quick reading summary of the advice contained in Backing U!

Backing You! MBA is aimed fairly and squarely at the MBA student or graduate. It assumes an understanding of business analysis tools and introduces case studies pertinent to the future careers of MBA students, such as investment banking and management consulting.

The FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan is aimed at the entrepreneur or manager who needs to get backing for their business. It works backwards from what the backer needs to know, whether investor, banker or board, and then guides the reader in addressing those needs, step by step.

Key Strategy Tools is two books in one – a how-to guide to business strategy and a selection of 88 key tools, models and techniques graded by whether they are essential or just useful, for each stage of the process.

The FT Essential Guide to Developing a Business Strategy, due for publication in 2013, sets out a sraightforward, no-nonsense approach to building a business strategy, the Strategy Pyramid.  The book features a lively, realistic case study to draw on at each stage of the process.

Feedback and reviews on the Backing You! range of books can be found here, on Writing a Business Plan here and on Key Strategy Tools here.

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