Backing U!

Your online guide to backing your passion and achieving career success!

Team was set up to promote the Backing U! message. It was founded by economist, business strategist, author and speaker, Vaughan Evans. He worked formerly at management consultants Arthur D. Little and investment bankers Bankers Trust.

An economics graduate of Cambridge University and an Alfred P. Sloan fellow with distinction of London Business School, he spent the first dozen years of his career living in exotic lands like the West Indies, Borneo, Java, Fiji, and Thailand. He hails from West Wales and works from his eyrie alongside Richmond Park in South-West London.

Vaughan is the author of the Backing U! range of career planning books.  He has also written two best selling books on business strategy and planning, The FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan (2011) and Key Strategy Tools (2013), both published by FT Publications.

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